12th Grade

Cyril Hainthaler

This is my senior year. In addition to quiz bowl, I play the baritone in marching band and the euphonium in symphonic band. I am also in Boy Scouts, currently Life rank. 

Sanya Nair

I have been on the QB team since middle school. I also participate in Model UN, Mock Trial, and am a committee head for Minithon. I am really interested in biology + medicine and hope to pursue that in the future. 

Will Steger

Senior Architect

I do quiz bowl and buzz on history. I mostly play history, geography, and politics stuff, but I've also been a fine arts player in the past. I can also compete on Star Wars questions except when I thought it was a literature question and didn't buzz in.

11th Grade

Baybars Charkas

Senior Architect

Baybars has been in Manheim Township's Quiz Bowl program since the eighth grade, focusing primarily on history. In his free time, Baybars likes to read, write, and learn new things. He hopes to study historical linguistics with a focus Proto-Indo-European studies.

Elena Hernandez

Senior Strategist

My name is Elena Hernandez and I switched from private to public school freshman year. I'm into history and literature. I'm easy going and can roll with the punches. I can be random sometimes and usually always have food.

Scotty Reynolds

Senior Strategist

I love learning and Quiz Bowl is a great program that helps me expand my knowledge. Outside of Quiz Bowl, I play tennis and piano. Music is a super important part of my life. I am pretty outgoing and I like to think I have a good sense of humor.

10th Grade

Ian Beck


I enjoy spending my time reading, biking, hiking, rafting, camping, and most of all playing video games! I spending time with my friend, as well as building and making things. I really like learning interesting things

Deeya Doshi


I love to read and my favorite animal is the killer whale. I play the piano and cello and run track. My favorite food is sushi.

Aizaaz Faiz


Class of 2022

Ellen Taliani


I am rarely found without a book, paper or virtual, that I am reading or writing. I enjoy rock climbing and pottery as well as academics.

9th Grade

Gerald Banaszak


I am a Boy Scout. I love being outside in nature. My favorite sport is baseball and I am a Phillies fan. I also enjoy talking with my friends.

Jaisal Patel


I like to play tennis. I really enjoy quizbowl. I like to read and play games. I like math and science. 

Kevin Zhang


I am a current 9th grader MTHS. I am passionate about history and music. I like being relaxed and having fun with whatever I do.